Pepper Spray

KO pepper defence spray comes with a highly concentrated dose of 11% OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) Effective Range: up to 5 meters Made in Germany

What makes this product THE BEST on the market?

KO Pepper Spray has the highest concentration of Oleoresin Capsicum which is the active ingredient.

The effects last longer than any other brand.

Effects when used on an attacker

•  Burns the eyes

•  Burns and marks the skin

•  Makes breathing difficult and uncomfortable •  Long lasting effect

Use KO pepper spray against people and animals for a fast and effective resistance in case of emergency. 


Size: 50ml
ZAR 70.00
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Size: 110ml
ZAR 110.00
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Pepper Spray Pouch
ZAR 23.50
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Lipstick Pepper Spray
ZAR 60.00
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